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“8 Rules of Wellbeing: An Aid Kit for Women with ADHD”

women with ADHD — in other words, resourceful problem solvers.That’s why I’m sharing my ADHD wellbeing kit — in hopes that it will help make your days a bit easier. These tools can work well for anyone who isn’t feeling their best.

Personally, I find that focusing on just one or two of the kit strategies is enough to lift my mood.Every day, find a way to move your body. Find an activity you love, the choice is yours.

The more you move, the higher your dopamine levels will be, and the more balanced and positive you’ll feel.[Click to Read: Exercise and the ADHD Brain – The Neuroscience of Movement]Even if it’s just starting off with five or ten minutes a day, you’ll see the effect of this movement on your overall mood every day. If you can

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