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“I Pinned My Struggles on My Mixed-Race Background. Then I Was Diagnosed with ADHD.”

ADHD diagnosis.I was “shy” and “too quiet,” though I didn’t mean to be. I simply had nothing to add to the conversations around me, and I struggled to feign interest where I couldn’t connect.[Take This Self-Test: ADHD Symptoms in Women]I remember the tangibly torturous experience of having to say hello to my neighbor while looking her in the eye.

These were direct orders from Mum, who insisted that I repeat my pained, inadequate greeting until I got it right. It was her way of preparing me for the world that wouldn’t welcome me the way I was.I realized after this experience that I had to force myself to present to the world in a certain way – or suffer the consequences.

The latter, unfortunately, actually fueled my silence. I feared

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