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Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Create Your Curiosity

Curiosity is a great characteristic that people rarely sustain in their lifetimes. Some people struggle to sustain curiosity because of their internal and external challenges. They cannot encourage curiosity to come to the fore as they condition their mindsets with their learning, experience, and environment.

However, there are very few individuals who sustain their curiosity levels throughout their lives to excel as extraordinary achievers. Undoubtedly, we all are born with curiosity. Children are more curious and observe when they were born. They question a lot when they are kids.

As they reach the next stages such as adolescence, young age, middle age, and old age, the curiosity level drops as they are conditioned to think as per their observations, environment, and education. That means they get into a box mentality. Only extraordinary achievers maintain their curiosity levels by continuous reading, learning, and leading.

They keep upgrading their knowledge, skills, and abilities to sustain their curiosity levels. It makes them relevant, acceptable, and honorable to lead a complete and meaningful life.  Technology is both a boon and a bane. With the advent of technology, children are used to gadgets, and they get everything on a platter without applying much thinking.

It kills their creativity and imagination. It is great to hear that children are used to technology but it is also a challenge because they get readymade answers to their questions through their smartphones. “To be curious about that which is not one’s concern while still in ignorance of oneself is ridiculous.” —PlatoAuthors are curious and creative because they must be curious to learn various perspectives to create their perspectives. Here are some

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