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The Cool Thing That Happens on My Worst Days With Bipolar

I’m blue. “Da ba dee, da ba die.” There are times when every part of my existence feels like a melting, gushing, uncontrollable mess of downward spiraling feelings.

I can’t keep it in or force myself to stop it from happening to get basic tasks done. I become this never-ending puddle of goopy saturated emotion and it overflows me like I’m just too small of a vessel for its volume.

There’s something really cool about it, though. And I know it might be weird to say. But, let me explain. When I am having one of those days (or weeks, or months), what people will label a “mental health day” or “self-love day” in little buzzword posts or Instagram text-image motivators, I’m not spending the day eating comfort foods, relaxing and letting myself

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