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“I Have a Voice, Too: On Being an Asian American with ADHD.”

As an Asian American with ADHD, it feels harder than hard.I’ll be honest: My college years were an executive function disaster, thanks to my then-undiagnosed ADHD. It’s been three years since I graduated college, and now I’m preparing to apply for graduate school.

My goal is to manage my ADHD and mental health so that I won’t become, as my partner so accurately puts it, the “screaming, headless chicken” that I was in college.Maintaining my mental health in school will involve advocating for myself by articulating my struggles, seeking accommodations, and asking for help. I know all the ADHD and mental health lingo, and I can speak very convincingly.

So self-advocacy in graduate school should be a breeze, right?Wrong. I am an Asian American

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