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“How Toxic Relationship Residue Poisoned My Love Life”

toxic relationship spanned five years (even though she cheated on me early on in our relationship). Jane could become violent, aggressive, clingy, possessive, and controlling. She often humiliated me and monitored my every move.

Then, Jane would use whatever she gathered as “evidence” against me. When I tried to escape her, she would accuse me of cheating. This constant barrage of overblown emotional allegations and drama gradually seeped into my head.Every molehill became a mountain that Jane would force me to climb to gain her forgiveness for sins she had concocted.

I was tasked with explaining and earning back her love and trust. I constantly felt guilty and on edge because she conditioned me to believe I was devious — a strategy she used to compensate for her weaknesses and infidelity.[Get This Download: Manage ADHD’s Impact on Your Relationship]Jane took every good thing I did for granted. She always expected more from me but gave relatively little in return.

Gradually, Jane took over every aspect of my life. I couldn’t work without my phone blowing up with her texts and calls. I couldn’t even glance at pedestrians without incurring her wrath.I am not perfect, but I tried to be loyal and available to her.

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