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Resolutions Don’t Work: An Unusual New Year’s Guidebook for People Who Think Different

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[Free Download: Get Control of Your Life and Schedule]Babies don’t learn to walk in an afternoon. They slowly learn to stand up while clutching the furniture, then practice putting one foot in front of the other, and they do this over and over again until it feels natural.Sometimes, we benefit by taking it slow, too.

It's easier to lose 5 pounds than 50 pounds. 10 minutes of exercise is more realistic than 60. As an ex-dance aerobics and yoga instructor, I’ve seen many people push too hard initially, hate the experience, injure themselves, and never return to class again.Slow down and enjoy the moment.

With ADHD, it's hard to find a balance. I'm all-or-nothing, in-or-out, love-or-hate. If I want a new habit to last, I have to pause and.

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