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“Q: My Son Doesn’t Care About Anything! What’s Going On?”

ADHD and ODD do have empathy. What may explain your teen’s apathy, however, is that he’s likely feeling disconnected from himself and afraid of negative judgment from others.To him, everything may seem stupid because:[Does Your Son Hide in the Safe Social Confines of Gaming?]As your son is just entering adolescence, he is likely becoming more aware of the ways in which, painfully, he’s not be fitting in or succeeding as he would like.

He may be resorting to video games, for example, because they provide concrete ways to succeed – you reach this level, go to the next level, and so on. Depending on the game, he may not have to interact with people and pick up on their expressions, thus avoiding any cues that he is or isn’t fitting in or

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My Son Doesn