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Dating Someone with Abandonment Issues: What to Expect

While it’s not unusual to be afraid of losing the people you love, people with abandonment issues might struggle with an intense fear of intimacy, afraid that they’ll be deserted or rejected by people in their lives. These fears can make it difficult for them to trust others or believe that a partner’s feelings are sincere.

Some people with abandonment issues are afraid of being alone, which keeps them from leaving an unhealthy relationship. People can develop abandonment issues for several reasons. Sometimes, the anxiety stems from childhood trauma, while others might have gone through traumatic events in their adult lives. Learning more about it can teach you how to help someone with abandonment issues so you can provide them with the support they need such as communication, honesty, online therapy, and more.

Providing them with your support will help them establish and maintain a healthy relationship.Fear of abandonment can lead to unhealthy behaviors. It’s not unusual for someone with abandonment issues to struggle with jealousy, ask for constant reassurance, or push their partner away in an attempt to avoid rejection.

These feelings can make it difficult for them to feel secure in a relationship or trust their partner.“It can feel like the burden is on you when you’re dating someone with abandonment issues, but once recognized, it can be easier to depersonalize. Having some patience and taking the time to be clear in communicating can help both of you realize that honesty and understanding are necessary to minimize any anxiety, mistrust, or shame often associated with fear of abandonment.” Talkspace therapist Elizabeth Keohan, LCSW-C, LICSW, LCSW  Once you understand that this is where they’re coming from, it’ll be

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