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“Would You Rather” Questions for Kids with ADHD (and More Inspired Conversation Starters)

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parent-child bond has been strained or complicated by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD).The right kind of question – asked at the right time and with the best intentions – can make children of all ages feel understood and valued, which contributes immensely to their development and to the entire family’s wellbeing.Whether your child is in elementary school or a teen on their way to college, use these age-appropriate, ADHD-friendly questions and pointers to spark conversation and create meaningful, joyful connections within your family.Why these questions work: They elicit laughter and lightness (maybe even inside jokes), relieve stress, and challenge your child to think creatively as you learn more about them.

These questions are also easy to devise on the fly – as you’re all in the car or at the dinner table – and can be tailored to your child’s interests.

Here are some sample questions for inspiration:[See All These Questions in This Free Handout: How to Get Your Child Talking] Would you rather…Why these questions work: These delve deeper than “would you rather” questions by revealing your child’s values and encouraging them to think about cause and effect, all within a light, fun framework.Early adolescence is defined, in part, by heightened emotions, frenzied hormones, and insecurity, all of which affect your child’s family interactions.

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