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“To Be a Good Mom, I Had to Reframe My Picture of Parenting.”

symptoms of ADHD. But even with this possibility, I felt that his behaviors were somehow the result of being spoiled rotten.

It didn’t help that others were always telling me that ADHD isn’t real, or that I just needed to be more strict with him. I concluded that I just needed to fuss at him about his problem areas, so that’s what I did.[Click to Read: Don’t Mistake Your Child’s ADHD Symptoms for Bad Behavior]I’d nag and shout to get my points across, or to help him stay on task.

But this way of parenting was completely draining, and my son began to see me as a dictator, not a mother. I could feel our relationship straining.When my son was eventually diagnosed with ADHD, I had to let go of everything I thought I knew about being a mom –

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