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Powerful Generosity Quotes to Inspire Happiness

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These generosity quotes will inspire you to be more generous so that you can bring joy to yourself and those around you. Being generous is more than being kind or giving.

The act of being generous is to give more to others than you are expected to give. Because generosity has a level of unexpectedness to it, it can often cause immense joy and happiness for both the receiver and the giver.  Do you think generosity can inspire success? I heard a suggestion once that you should always act on generous impulses.

I have a friend who wears hats a lot. Every time someone is sincere in complimenting a hat he’s wearing, his first reaction is “thank you,” followed by “would you like it?” He has given away an uncountable number of hats by impulse, but every time both he and the person whom he gifted his hat to leave the conversation with a huge smile on their faces.

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