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5 Writing Quotes from Successful Bloggers To Motivate You

When writer’s block hits, it hits hard, and these writing quotes prove it!

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It feels like you’ll never be able to think creatively again and that everything you write belongs in the trash bin.

If you start to feel like this, don’t let it derail you.

Writing is hard work – but you can’t let yourself be overcome by difficulties.

Feel like you can’t make it out of that slump?

Here are some excellent quotes about writing that can propel you forward.

Quotes about Writing from Successful Bloggers To Motivate and Inspire You 1) Neil Patel: “Write What You Love”

Internet marketing guru and blogger Neil Patel has his work cut out for him. His biggest advice to those looking to write a successful, monetizing blog is to write about what you love. He says:

“You need to enjoy your subject matter. Nobody is forcing you to pick a topic that you loathe. Pick something that energizes you, excites you and keeps you going! You have to love your topic as a whole. That’s the first ingredient to having a successful blog.”

Like Julie Andrews sang about in the Sound of Music, if you find yourself struggling to write, just think about some of your favorite things. Then, write about them! It’ll be easier to do when you have a passion for the subject.

2) Mike Butcher: “Just Have a Conversation”

Bloggers have a maddening knack for psyching themselves out. It’s easy to think about how big of a task it is to write the “perfect” blog post (which doesn’t actually exist). You spend a lot of time thinking about keywords, trending topics, and other metrics that will make your blog more successful.

But Mike Butcher, ‘Editor at Large’ of TechCrunch, says that you shouldn’t worry nearly

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