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What Tips and Tricks Have (and Haven't) Worked for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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“I have got this great new supplement for you.” “Oh, did you hear about this new research or treatment?” “Have you tried these bracelets?

I also have these large hand grips for forks, they might help.” “I got these huge pens you might want to try.” Maybe you have heard or received advice such as this.

Some days it is welcome, other days it is frustrating, and some days, it is totally unhelpful. There seems to be no end to the advice on how to better live your life with rheumatoid arthritis or really any chronic illness. “I just read this article and thought of you.” “Have you tried __________?” “This new treatment is being blocked by big pharma, but it claims it can cure.” I have heard these and so many more, and every single one comes from

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