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The Psychology of Jealousy: Why You Get Jealous and How to Handle It in a Healthy Way

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a difficult emotion to manage effectively.In the rest of this guide, I’m going to walk you through the psychology of jealousy—showing you a more helpful way to think about what jealousy is and how it really works.We’ll end with some practical suggestions for how to manage jealousy in your own life in a healthy way.The standard dictionary definition of jealousy is something like this:Feeling resentment because of another’s success or advantages.Now, this is an okay definition, but I think it misses some psychological nuance…1.

Resentment isn’t quite right…Resentment is close, but I think feeling jealous is really its own distinct emotion.Part of the problem with resentment as a proxy for jealousy is that typically resentment happens as a.

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