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Dog Enjoys the Company of His Dolphin Buddies

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Wake to Wake Watersports, so he’s out on the water often. He takes Zyzz along for the ride most of the time since they’re the best of buddies.

One day while out on the boat, they both got the surprise of a lifetime. ADVERTISEMENT “I think we just went out one day with Zyzz on the water just to kind of do a little promotional shoot.

Zyzz was on the boat, we saw the dolphins,” Mark explained. “The dolphins tend to come to our boats anyway because they kick up quite a big wave for wakesurfing.”“They kind of scout out our boat, they came right up and Zyzz saw this huge black object in the water. [He] just got really excited, jumped straight in, no self-preservation whatsoever, jumped straight in.”What’s really special about Zyzz and the dolphins is that Mark didn’t teach him to jump in the water.

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