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5 Things That Train A Child’s Brain to Be Happy

While you may think that you don’t have to worry about such things until your children are older, you should consider the cautionary tale of Samantha Kuberski. According to Virtual Psyche Centre, this little girl is the youngest person in this country to commit suicide.

What could be so wrong in a six-year-old’s life that they would want to take it?When Samantha and her mother got into an argument one evening, her mother punished her by sending her to time out in her room. Devastated that she disappointed her mom and mad at her too, the little girl took a belt and hung herself on an old crib.

There were no signs of child abuse, and investigative reports showed it was a stable family.However, there was a sadness so deep in this child that she was crying out for help. Research theorized that the child was severely depressed.

How could the parents not know their daughter’s mental state? Were they negligent by not paying attention close enough to her actions and feelings?Suicide of a child so young is an exceedingly rare occurrence, as most suicides are observed over 15 years of age. If the parents had only practiced training the child’s brain to be happy, could it have made a difference in this case?While the story of young Samantha is extreme, there are things that you do each day that have a significant impact on your child.

Do you hug them enough, show them the right ratio of attention and affection, and are you there for them when they need you? Here are five things that you can do to help ensure your child is happy.Have you ever been to a sporting event where the fans were going wild for their team? This encouragement they receive is like a powerful rush of adrenaline that fuels them to win. Your child needs to feel

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