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Adventurous Cat Explores the USA With His Family

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kitten. They get excited, and they smile about it, and they just say, ‘That makes my day,’ which makes us really happy.”“Back in 2018, I was turning 50, and I wanted a cat, so my fiancé and I started looking around [for] different breeds of cats that liked water,” Fisher’s cat, dad Finn says.Since he and his fiancé grew up in Florida, they love going out on the water and traveling.

They wanted a cat that could keep up with their active lifestyle and enjoy it as well.“We settled on a Maine Coon, we picked him up after 8 weeks, and the beach was the first time he’d ever walked on a harness and a leash.

It was just adorable, and right then, you could just see he was going to be an adventure cat.”“We tried everything from walks, boating,.

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