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To Be an Effective Leader, Keep a Leadership Journal

When you observe many famous people including Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, John Adams, Andy Warhol, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, they kept their journals. Many eminent personalities in all walks of life from entrepreneurs to authors maintained journals. Journaling is one of the habits great leaders possess.

We will discuss journalizing, advantages, and how to inculcate this great habit to excel as an achiever and leader.A Journal is different from a diary. In a journal, you record the events in your life, your feelings, experiences, struggles, and sacrifices at different moments. A diary is a place where you record events while a journal is a place where you analyze and evaluate them.

A diary is a focused personal booklet containing a date, time, and place. It is considered to be confidential. A diary is a subset of a journal because the diary is limited to writing about your daily happenings while a journal is a repository of the things that interest and inspire you. A diary is more of day-to-day writing while a journal is more topical.

A diary contains your personal information while a journal includes your professional and other information. A diary helps you do activities daily while a journal helps you reflect on your thoughts and serves as feedback for your behavioral improvement.  Succinctly, a diary has a log type of format with external events while a journal is feelings and emotions oriented in approach, and diary writing is a focused type of writing while journal writing is a content-oriented type of writing.  Additionally, journalizing enhances self-awareness. For instance, Warren Buffett has an interesting routine to increase his self-awareness.

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