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50 Founding Fathers Quotes from the first American Leaders

Here are Founding Fathers quotes that helped in shaping the country’s freedom.

There might be no United States of America if not for the great contribution of each one of the Founding Fathers. Their ideals and aspirations for a greater country have paved the way for America’s freedom. Their words and thoughts, as stated in hundreds of Founding Fathers quotes, are all given high regard up to this day.

The Founding Fathers of America consists of eight noblemen whose great contributions are also pivotal in America’s declaration of independence. They are George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay.

Together, they formed a democratic government that shaped

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Benjamin Franklin: Readers Choice

Here are Founding Fathers quotes that helped in shaping the country’s freedom.
Benjamin Franklin is distinguished not only by the fact that his face was printed on $100 bills, but also by starting and ending his days by asking himself powerful questions. Benjamin would get up early at sunrise every morning, and his day would start with the question: “What good can I do today?”Then, after answering to this question, after a short breakfast, he would go to work, study, write, think, and at the end of the day, before going to bed, he would ask himself another question: “What good have I done today?”Moreover, no matter what day of the week, whether it be the weekend, winter, or summertime, this part of his daily schedule never changed.

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