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“God Bless This Mess”

clutter multiplied, she typically shrugged it off. “Kids make messes,” she’d say.

Meanwhile, I was struggling to adjust. If I wanted to sit on the couch, I had to move toys out of the way.

If I wanted to drink my coffee in bed, I had to clear my nightstand of half-empty juice boxes and half-eaten bags of snacks. And when I got in bed at night, I had to clean up crumbies — and unhappily at that.Now we have three teenagers and a preteen, as well as a pretty long list of neurological diagnoses.

The impact on my mood of living in a messy house with five messy roommates might have been barely manageable when I worked at an office, but we were all doomed once the quarantine began.For months, I grew more and more irritable and unpleasant. Going to

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