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50 Hannah Arendt Quotes About Humanity and Power

Hannah Arendt was a German-born American philosopher and one of the greatest thinkers in the 20th century. Here are our favorite Hannah Arendt quotes.

Born in Germany to a Jewish family in 1906, Arendt moved to Prussia as a toddler so that her father’s syphilis could be treated. Unfortunately, he died when she was six.

Arendt was raised by her mother who was an avid supporter of the Social Democrats and gave Arendt her first taste of political philosophy.

Arendt studied philosophical writing in college. As Europe began to grow with more anti-Jewish discrimination in the 1930s, Arendt moved often. Living in Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland before settling in Paris.

In 1941, after Germany invaded France, Arendt fled to New York

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