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The Three Foes I Battle in Life With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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“I’m sorry,” I apologized to my husband over the phone. “For what?” he asked. “I guess I feel like a bad wife. I’ve been so unwell these last several weeks, and I hate that you have to come home after a long day, and do the shopping, and worry about dinner, and put away the groceries without my help.

I feel guilty. I feel guilty a lot when you are stuck doing all the things while I am just stuck on the couch. I am not the wife I wanted to be; this isn’t the life I expected…” I trailed off with a swallowed sob. “Why would you feel guilty about that?

It’s not your fault, “he comforted. “You do so many things, in fact, I was thinking about that while you were sleeping the other night.” My husband went on to list some of the things I have done:

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