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What to do if You’re Feeling Like a Failure at 25

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People have probably asked you before what you wanted to achieve by the age of 25. Now that you’re there, it seems like nothing on your list was accomplished, and that leaves you feeling like a failure.

Instead of being the person you saw in your five or 10-year plan, you’re not even close. That’s unsettling, and it is natural to look around and be like, “Well, what the heck do I do now?” Coming to terms with this may not be easy for you.

But this is more common—and normal—than you think. Whenever you feel like a failure, remember these things: You are not the only one Nor are you helpless Almost no one reaches the top right away 25 is not even remotely old Don’t judge yourself based on how fulfilled you think other people are Feeling like a failure doesn’t mean you are one People get caught up in what they think.

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