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Why Jeff Moore Became a Motivational Speaker

My name is Jeff Moore and these are the reasons I became a motivational speaker.

There are so many reasons why we fall into different jobs and career paths. For me, I have never really been too concerned with a job. But I have been deeply influenced by the concept of impact.

In my household, we never really focused on, or spoke too much, about money. My mother was a teacher. My father was the head of our city’s Section 8 program. Serving people, working for the public – that’s what we did.

The impact that simple things have on our path

As a child I loved movies. I have so many favorites! However, I have a penchant for movies with heroes. Movies that have people who find their true potential for the benefit of others are the best. I love to see a hero in action.

I think growing up and watching movies like Superman, Batman, Malcolm X, Gandhi, Lean on Me, Stand and Deliver, and Schindler’s List all had a profound impact on me.

By watching those movies, I was subconsciously programming myself to express myself in the highest way possible. I didn’t even know it at that time.

As a kid, my mother wouldn’t let me go outside and play until I read, wrote, and then spoke about what I learned.

I think she was training me to be a speaker and didn’t even know it. My father, on the other hand, loved to talk, lecture, and impart his wisdom.

He passed his worldview down to me while he spent time building me up. Now, I am paying it forward. But at the time, I had no idea this was happening.

I hope that lays some groundwork for what I am about to share. I hope you enjoy my reasons for choosing to be a motivational speaker!

Jeff Moore became a motivational speaker because… 1. I realized I had a message and motivational speaking meant I people self improvement top 500

Malcolm X (X) Jeff Moore

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