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Getting In The Zone: 10 Strategies To Help You Perform Under High Pressure

How can you get in the zone and handle pressure like a champ?

Let’s start with these wise words from Kobe Bryant:

What does In The Zone mean?

Picture this… It’s the 2002 World Cup qualifier. England is losing 1-0 to Greece, and England needs at least a draw to qualify.

Greece concedes a free kick right outside the penalty box in the dying minutes.

England’s renowned free-kick taker, David Beckham, steps up. He places the ball down, takes a few deep breaths, and waits for the referee to blow the whistle.

Many England fans are in despair as they know it’s their last chance to qualify.

The pressure is unbearable. Fans are in anguish, and the stadium is on edge… Beckham keeps his composure, takes his position, and blasts the ball into the top net of the goal!

Truly sublime!

If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Moments like this are truly exceptional; they uplift our spirits, inspire us, and leave a moment in time that won’t be forgotten.

Keeping calm and clear in high-end pressure situations is a skill and NOT always that easy, especially as we raise the stakes.

Whether it’s giving a presentation, performing a musical piece, playing a sport, or entering a job interview, there are skills and strategies we can implement to help us perform at a higher level.

Setting a Strong Foundation—Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

One of the most effective ways to increase your performance in anything is simply by showing up and practicing! This may sound extremely obvious, but it can often be discounted.

Some people want all the glory but are not willing to put in the time to achieve it. So repetition, repetition, repetition cannot be overlooked.

It’s the cornerstone of executing the task at hand.

Moving Practice To Performance


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