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Are You Chasing The Wrong Kind Of Success?

Are you chasing the wrong kind of success? The concept of the American Dream has blinded us. We think that if we put our noses to the grindstone and work our tails off, we’ll become rich and successful.

It turns out, however, that we should be chasing something else entirely. It’s not the riches we should pursue but happiness. Smiles, laughter and positivity within the brain—that’s where real success lies.

Be Happy, Be Successful

It’s not that we shouldn’t work hard to achieve our dreams. However, we should also dedicate time to finding contentment in our day-to-day lives as well.

According to extensive research conducted by Shawn Achor, happiness could be the key to greater productivity and results within the workplace.

Here are some specifics from Achor’s studies:

Happy people experience a 23 percent reduction in stress. When happy, health is improved in general by 39 percent. Productivity sees a 31 percent increase when people become content. Positive social interactions go up 34 percent for happy people.

It’s not a question at all of whether happiness will help steer you toward success. It will. The question, instead, is how do we achieve happiness? Can we change from unhappy to gleeful by merely wanting to?

The answer is yes. We can change. To adopt a positive, blissful existence, you should alter your perspective and take on a few specific practices:

View Failures as Beneficial Learning Experiences

Failure is an inevitable part of life. It’s not a question of whether you’ll fail—but when. If we let them, these failures can bog us down. Instead, let’s make the most of these instances by turning them into positives.

View mistakes as learning experiences—things from which you can benefit—and use them to fuel

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