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6 Things I Wish My Parents Told Me and Why

My parents meant well enough. However, there are several things I wish my parents told me about life, love, and success.

Maybe your parents told you some of these but neglected to tell you about some other life lessons. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Some of these might seem like simple lessons. Yet each of them will help you:

Grow and develop Be authentic to yourself Live the life you want Cope when times are tough Things I Wish My Parents Told Me #1: Time Doesn’t Heal Everything

Ah, yes. The good old slap a bandaid on it saying that my parents applied to every heartbreak and hardship: “Time heals all wounds.”

As a kid, I wanted desperately for this to be true, and sometimes it was. But, as we all know, time does not heal every wound.

I wish they had simply told me the truth. Time is, in fact, a great doctor, and it heals many things but not everything.

There is some pain you carry around in your back pocket forever.

On the good days, you forget that it’s there. And you know what?

Life is pretty beautiful despite the pain you carry. Sometimes it’s even more beautiful because of it.

It reminds you to appreciate those good days. Seems unfair and confusing, and it completely is.

But that’s life, kid.

Things I Wish My Parents Told Me #2: Don’t Fall For The First Person You Meet In College

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have listened to this one, but I suppose stranger things have happened. My parents were pretty tight-lipped about their personal lives, so they centered most of their college advice around grades and attendance.

Good to know, but at eighteen, with hormones fully charged and racing, I drew my attention to every cute guy within a ten-mile radius.

I wish they had told me to have fun being

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