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10 Best Conflict Resolution & Management Books For Life and Work

We had a lot of fun creating this reading list of conflict resolution books for our amazing readers!

Reading these types of books will help you gain imperative skills for the society we live in.  We tend to interact with people from all backgrounds, cultures, and economic levels. These people also have different personalities and upbringings.

Books like these will help you discover ways to communicate effectively and bridge the gaps. Conflict resolution books give you a powerful way to not only accomplish that goal, but in a manner that does not offend.

Best Books on Conflict Management & Resolution

Reading these types of books is essential, especially in a new leadership or management role.  It helps you to put out the flames before they turn into a burning massive fire.

Books like these will also teach you how to communicate more effectively.  This skill will not only help you in business. The tools you will learn will aid you with conversations like the one with your next-door neighbor whose tree branches are hanging in your yard and are perilously close to your roof.

These particular books are great places to start:

Confronting Without Offending by Deborah PeguesForgive, Let Go, and Live by Deborah PeguesManaging Conflict God’s Way by Deborah PeguesConflict Free Living by Joyce Meyer30 Days to Taming Your Tongue by Deborah PeguesChoose Your Attitude, Change Your Life by Deborah Pegues30 Days to a Great Attitude by Deborah PeguesLife Without Strife by Joyce Meyer8 Ways to Live Conflict Free by Joyce MeyerDifficult Conversations by Douglas Stone1. Confronting without offending by Deborah Pegues

This book offers several practical and simple steps to resolving conflict and bringing it to a resolution. Her book shows how

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