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Sharing These 20 Truths with Your Child Could Change Their Life (and Yours)

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” — Margaret MeadOur children grow up so fast. Before we know it they’re out there somewhere in the real world, and we’re left hoping that we’ve done enough to prepare them for everything they’ll encounter.

Marc and I talk to course students and coaching clients on a daily basis — mothers and fathers alike — who share these sentiments. They worry about their children.

They wonder if they’ve done a good enough job parenting up to this point. And Marc and I can relate too, because oftentimes we feel the same way.

We’re concerned about our son Mac’s well-being and education, and we discuss it frequently just like most parents do.In fact, from what we’ve researched and studied, the well-being and education of their children is more important to most parents than just about anything else — more important than health care, cost of living, public safety, and even their own well-being. And believe it or not, most non-parents also say they’re concerned about the well-being and intellectual growth of society’s youth as a whole too; this concern seems to cut cleanly across gender, ethnicity, age, income, and political affiliation.

So the reality is, to a great extent, we all collectively care about our children. And that’s a really beautiful thing when you think about it.Anyway, I awoke this morning thinking about all of this — especially the miraculous, life-changing responsibility of parenthood — and two related thoughts immediately crossed my mind:So I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself, and to all parents…Here are 20 simple yet powerful truths you can add to your daily conversations with your child that will gradually change how they think about themselves and

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