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Coffee Pulp Aids Reforestation Efforts, According to Science

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Ecological Solutions and Evidence published these findings.Researchers from ETH-Zurich and the University of Hawai`i took part in the study.

First, they spread 30 dump truck loads of coffee pulp on a 35 × 40m area of barren land in Costa Rica. This equated to about 20 inches of coffee pulp.

For a control, they marked a similar-sized area of land that didn’t contain coffee pulp. ADVERTISEMENT “The results were dramatic,” lead study author Rebecca Cole, an environmental scientist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, said in a news release.”The area treated with a thick layer of coffee pulp turned into a small forest in only two years while the control plot remained dominated by non-native pasture grasses.”After two years, the land treated with coffee pulp had 80% canopy cover compared to 20% on the control site.

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