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Kylie Jenner’s Single Tweet May Have Cost Snapchat $1.3 Billion

A social media support from Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner could gain a company serious cash. However, feedback from the magnificence expert could bring about a loss of considerably more.

That is apparently what occurred with Snapchat on Thursday. A tweet from Kylie led to a big problem for Snapchat, Stay tuned to know the entire story.viaKylie Jenner is a Reality Tv star on the show KUWTK.

She has recently become a mother to a newly born baby girl Stormi.viaAdvertismentThe only picture shared by Stormi’s parent is this photo, where Stormi is holding the hand of is hold Kylie Jenner figure.viaTravis and Kylie are taking good care of the baby and are good at it. But in recent days it has been found that Travis Scott is

. parents

Travis Scott Kylie Jenner

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