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VIRAL: Students Came Up With Funny Ideas To Stop Feeding An Overweight Cat.

viaUC Davis College of Letters and Science in Davis has a permanent resident, a cat, around the physics building. His name is Cheeto and he is loved by all the students on the campus.

To an extent where they keep feeding him all the time despite him having a specific eating time.viaThe students wrote on their Facebook page saying Cheeto, the ginger cat, is growing fatter day by day.

Please stop feeding him. He’s overweight and the squirrels eat the extra food. The students have even indicated Cheeto’s kill count – ten rats, sixteen mice, seven gophers, nine blue jays, three rabbits, and eight squirrels.AdvertismentviaBelow the feline body condition chart in which the obese cat is circled in black to indicate what Cheeto has become, the.

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