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Depression: How to Keep the Past in the Past

your passion(s) to turn darkness into dust. This took time to learn. My father, who struggled with alcoholism, fled and was replaced by a stepfather who destroyed what little joy remained.

Not surprisingly, issues developed, followed by years of substance abuse. Fortunately, I was drawn to visual satire before imploding. But breaking into this profession was harder than breaking out of Alcatraz.

While our roadmaps may differ, the core principle of gradual ascent does work. I began freelancing until I gained enough experience to apply for a full-time position.  But from the outset, my long-term goal was to win a Pulitzer.

And while the top achievement in journalism remained elusive for me, I became an editorial cartoonist, other awards fell from the sky, and the past faded. Unfortunately, my long-lost father became homeless, and my career path was erased. Clinical depression, anxiety, and OCD followed.

With talk therapy, though, I discovered, we have to work at keeping our past in the past. Finally, after six, soul-crushing, years, I found the strength to move on, with the hand of an angel, proper medications, and a true story. In the coming months, I’d like to preview this story with you.

Drawing Strength, my first graphic novel, has been key to repairing a broken life. My hope is others will find hope in this message of creativity, connectivity, and recovery. Until next time … draw your strengths! Originally posted June 11, 2014

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