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RELATABLE! 16 Funny Memes About Crush Which Will Give You A Bellyache!

viaStalking our crushes is like one of the most basic things we do, although I would not like to discuss what happens after your crush finds out about it!viaAfter seeing this did you not feel, “this is what I have been doing my entire life!

Damn!” I do know this is beyond relatable!AdvertismentviaHow could you possibly think that your crush will like you back? I mean that is something which won’t be possible in a parallel universe!viaThis is exactly the kind of daydreams you would get!

Although if it turns out to be true someday we’ll sure get a heart attack!viaThere are some people who like guys out of their league, and I am the kind of person who falls for someone who is below my league!AdvertismentviaIf you still don’t know why girls.

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