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This Adorable Dwarf Bunny Will Brighten Your Day

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• Dwarf Hotot • Holland Lop • Jersey Wooly • Lionhead Rabbit • Mini Rex • Mini Satin • Netherland Dwarf ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENTIn this world, cuteness sells, so many people buy Dwarf bunnies because of their small size.

Aside from the “cute factor,” tinier bunnies also create less mess and need less space than larger bunnies. Not to mention, they don’t require as much food, making them slightly less expensive.While getting a Dwarf bunny may seem appealing, they require specialized care due to their size.

These tiny bunnies tend to suffer more from respiratory problems because of their smaller nose and mouth. As a result, they may require more frequent visits to a vet for treatments.

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