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Why You Should Celebrate Your ‘Post-Lockdown Body'

Years ago, in a time when prom dates and college applications were a priority for me, I went to a friend’s house to play video games and eat sugar-coated cereal all day. I’d been going through a tough breakup and wanted an escape. After losing a few rounds of Mario Kart, I placed my controller on the carpet and walked to the kitchen, almost passing the living room sofa unscathed. My friend’s mom, comfortably planted beneath a blanket and flanked by plush pillows, looked up from her book.

It was most likely something about tenuous relationships — she was a fan of drama. Her glare, brief and unpleasant, traveled from my feet to my head, followed by her saying, “I know you’re going through a breakup. But, you don’t have to just let yourself go

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