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The Emotional Resilience Playbook for People with Big Emotions

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big emotions when things don’t go according to expectations. Even minor frustrations and interruptions can cause us to overreact with an outburst or meltdown, making it hard to complete tasks and maintain relationships.This emotional dysregulation creates a vicious cycle, dooming us to repeat the same reaction again and again.We can’t always stop big emotions from spilling over, but we can learn to minimize the damage they cause to others and ourselves and develop emotionally healthy responses in the future.

This process of developing emotional resilience is critical. But first, we need to understand how we process our emotions: by hurling or by hiding.Most people with ADHD who experience strong ADHD emotions fall into one of two camps: the “hurlers” or the “hiders.” The hurlers, aka fire breathers, sling their big emotions at anyone or anything around them.

In doing so, they damage their relationships in ways they may not realize or understand.The hiders, aka shame eaters, shove their emotions inside.

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