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You’re Not Alone if the News Triggers Chronic Suicidality

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On May 2, 2022, Politico exclusively leaked a draft opinion — since confirmed by the Chief Justice — showing that the Supreme Court has decided to overturn abortion rights, under the premise that there’s nothing in our original constitution that speaks to abortion – that it’s not rooted in our country’s honors and traditions. (Source: Politico news story) When our constitution was drafted, it was drafted to protect a very select group of people – cishet, rich, able-bodied and minded, white men.

Our country’s honors and traditions are steeped in nothing but white supremacy which protects them first, followed by white women (barely), and then everyone else wasn’t considered or thought of.

Marginalized people were never a protected class in the states in the beginning of our nation’s history. Twitter is full of slightly alarmist opinions that I do believe to be true – that this is only the beginning.

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