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PTSD Treatment: How to Support Clients Struggling With Trauma

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download our three Positive CBT Exercises for free. These science-based exercises will provide you with detailed insight into positive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and give you the tools to apply it in your therapy or coaching.Historically, PTSD was known as ‘shell shock’ in World War I (Myers, 1915).

Mention of the disorder first appeared in The Lancet, with soldiers documented as having various symptoms affecting their nervous system (Myers, 1915).In World War II, it was referred to as ‘combat fatigue’ and believed to be related to long deployments (Marlowe, 2001).

Trauma can be overwhelming for a person in psychological terms (Neria, Nandi, & Galea, 2008). A car accident, robbery, kidnap, torture, brutal attack, rape, witnessing death or a serious injury, war, and natural disaster can be classified as traumatic events (Kessler et al., 2014).Traumatic events are quite common.

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