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15 Hilarious Tweets About Families

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1 – We all have that one relative at Christmas who does this, and it never gets old.#MyFamilyIsWeird my dad would buy a Christmas gift for himself every year and address it to himself from Santa and act surprised every time.— Heather Marie (@missm0rte) November 18, 2021 Do any of your parents still put “From: Santa” on some of your gifts as adults?

Mine do, and I can’t decide if it’s sweet or disturbing. Maybe a bit of both? ADVERTISEMENT #2 – Some people take things a bit too literally.I had to teach my dad how to use an iPhone when they first came out.

I explained to him that he had to slide to unlock the screen. Rather than sliding his finger across the screen, he stood up from the couch and started sliding his feet in the living room. #MyFamilyIsWeird— Joey Jweinat (@CosmicJoey415) November 18, 2021In the dad’s defense, technology has come a long way in the last decade.

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