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Grappling With My Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Tonight, I climbed a wall. Well, attempted to; I managed to only reach halfway up before giving up, my hands sweaty, my arms shaking, almost to the point of numbness. My partner was cheering me up, telling me that at least I conquered half of the three-story (or was it four-story?) wall. I wasn’t happy nor sad; I was calm. I even managed to assess objectively why I wasn’t able to finish, without judging myself harshly, something I strive to do every day, and more often than not, fail. At least I made it halfway, after years of not climbing walls (during school fairs only, mind you) and lack of regular physical activity.

In my mind, I have always been up against walls. And I have always attempted to climb them. I’m not into competing with

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