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Deepak Chopra Quotes That Will Lift Your Thinking

Our latest collection of Deepak Chopra quotes on Everyday Power Blog.

Deepak Chopra is one of the most influential people in the personal development industry. His best-selling books and numerous media appearances have helped millions of people around the world to improve their lives. Deepak Chopra quotes are full of wisdom.

Deepak Chopra got his degree in India. Many of his ideas spawned from the things that he learned from some of the greatest spiritual leaders in the country. He immigrated to the United States and became certified in internal medicine. He taught at some of the United State’s most prestigious universities including Harvard and Boston University.

After returning to India and meeting a spiritual expert, he recognized the power of alternative medical practices. He opened up a new practice that used techniques such as massages and oil baths. He said that he was tired of prescribing countless medications to his patients and believed that there’s a natural path to health.

Soon after, he began serving on the National Institutes of Health alternative medical board. He soon published his first book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. The interview that he did on the Oprah show resonated with tons of people, and as a result, his book sold very well. The interview on Oprah was the start of multiple media appearances that would make Chopra famous.

Deepak Chopra was a breath of fresh air in the medical community because he emphasized natural practices rather than taking pills. He is big on meditation and often cites sciences such as metaphysics to support his claims. Many of his claims are backed by scientific and medical literature. He has published multiple best-selling books and is widely regarded as an important

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