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5 Reasons You Need Journaling in Your Life

I know what you might be thinking! Journaling…that’s not for me. I don’t do it now, nor do I have any intention of starting to in the near future. I’m just going to skip over this article and wait for the next great one that applies to me!

Hang on, though! Give me a few minutes of your time. Let’s see if I can offer a fresh perspective on why journaling could be a very effective discipline in your life.

Reason #1: Journaling is a Tool for Personal Growth

Any time that you take to work through your thought processes, it is inevitable that you will be provided helpful insight into how you think. This is an opportunity to analyze and understand any of those patterns or negative beliefs that consistently show up in your mind.

When you look back and see exactly how you overcame a challenge in your life or business, your hope can be renewed. The present is a reminder that you are capable of overcoming whatever new challenge has presented itself.

Did you know that there are many famous people who kept a journal or a diary? Just to name a few: Ronald Reagan, Mark Twain, John D. Rockefeller, Anne Frank, Kurt Cobain, Mother Theresa, etc.

I imagine that each of these people has various reasons for why they chose to write. However, I think it is easy to assume that at the very least they utilized it as a tool for personal growth and development.

I for one want to be someone who learns from those that went before me!

Reason #2: Journaling Provides a Healthy Outlet

Journaling is much more than just recalling your day’s events. It’s mainly an outlet for your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative.

Remember that feeling you had after meeting with a good friend for coffee and talking about life? Or, after that long phone call

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