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This Isn’t a Disney Movie: No One Is Going to Save You

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I think we’ve all been hypnotized. Hypnotized by movies, books, and stories that we’ve heard growing up as children.All of these stories can provide a great source of inspiration, but as you grow up, you start to realize reality isn’t necessarily the same.

When life doesn’t go right, goals don’t get accomplished, you can’t overcome a bad habit, or when you feel stuck in life – no genie magically comes out of a lamp to save you.The stories we’ve been told as children have hypnotized us into thinking that someone or something external to us will save us.

Save us from experiencing pain. Save us from our bad habits. Save us from failure. Protect us from our own mistakes. Or save us from lack of motivation.When in reality, nothing comes until we acknowledge that change must occur within ourselves if we desire different results in our life.Now, this doesn’t mean I’m a pessimist or believe the stories we’ve been told have done more harm to us than good.

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