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Staying Motivated in a Remote World

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The world is going digital, and organizations are experiencing what some now call “The Great Reshuffle.” Beyond being the newest buzz phrase in the working ecosystem, it is a phrase that refers to how technology is affecting the way employers and employees react to the world around them.

Initially, most employees served as traditional workers, having to come into the office every day for work. But. technology has made it possible for the existence of remote workers, hybrid workers and digital nomads, all of whom have changed the way employment is viewed.Since 2020, over 54% of LinkedIn users have changed their job descriptions.

Employees worldwide are taking the chance to change their working conditions, opting for remote work instead. This has made employers make provisions for remote work and employ strategies to improve their talent pool and provide conducive working conditions for their employees.Employees are beginning to have a say in how they want to work, who they want to work for, and when they want to work.

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