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We Asked People With Disabilities to Name Small Things Restaurants Could Do to Better Accommodate Them. This is Their Wishlist.

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 The Mighty was born in the Los Angeles area, home of the $18 burger that doesn’t even come with fries — come on, how are you going to play us like that? — but it wasn’t born yesterday; we all know how expensive it can be to operate any business, let alone a successful restaurant.

From outfitting the space, supplying fresh foods, staffing back of house and front of house… it all adds up fast. So, perhaps by the time that expensive quote for making a building into a more ADA-friendly one comes into play, it feels like a corner that could be cut with a temporary solution or two. (Not going to say we agree with the mindset; just that, on some level, we get where it may originate.)  Which is why, in looking for ways to improve the restaurant experience for disabled customers, we went small: asking our Mighty community, “What small things could restaurants do to better accommodate your disability?” Don’t worry, owners of massive dining chains who are definitely reading this and sweating profusely right now: The answer to making a better disability-friendly space isn’t always “invest big bucks.”  Now that you’ve had a moment to exhale, perhaps you could help us out by fixing some of these things up?

Here’s our community’s accessibility wishlist:  I’d love a quiet room. I get so overwhelmed.” – @fathousewife “I really wish the music wouldn’t be so loud!

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