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Ditch Crunches: 9 Moves That Target Your Pelvic Floor and Seriously Tone Your Core

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yoga-pose and Pilates-girl your way to better abs, and celebrity trainer Lia Bartha is going to show you how. Bartha, the founder of B The Method, has worked with supermodels and actresses alike to strengthen, restore, and protect their bodies through her own method that involves pilates-based, low-impact movements.

Read on to get the 411 from Bartha on the moves she recommends to target your pelvic floor. When your pelvic floor is either too tight or too weak, it can cause many symptoms from pain with sex to the inability to orgasm to a leaky bladder or constipation.

People don’t put enough emphasis on caring for this muscle group because they don’t know what it is, where to find it, and why it matters.

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