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7 Behaviors That Push People Away

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In life, through our experiences, we adapt to the world through a series of coping mechanisms. Some of those coping skills can be especially beneficial, while others will only hold us back.One coping skill, in particular, is the notion to push others away to protect ourselves.

The thing is, when you’ve been hurt, traumatized, or abused, it can leave you with a wall built around you. In many ways, this does serve you, because, for a brief period, it gives you space to regroup.

However, when the wall never comes down, it can become a problem. Especially if you’ve always wanted to have a relationship or friends, because after you push people away for so long, eventually they will take your word for it, and leave.If you’ve begun to notice that you might be pushing others away, the good news is that you are aware of it.

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