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13 Hidden Traits of an Egoistic Person

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selfish goals, and they will step on everyone’s back to get to the top. Here are 13 characteristics of egoists that you can’t ignore.In about every class you attended in school and college, you had at least one smug know-it-all.

They assume that they are class geniuses, and it’s a classic sign of an egoistic person. While they won’t come out and say their ideas are superior to yours, their body language and condescending tone say it all.You love cheerful people with a lovely sense of humor, but not when it hurts others.

An egoistic person looks down their nose at people by laughing and mocking them. Their antics often go beyond good-natured teasing and can be cruel and bullying.After they’ve had their mean-spirited fun, they may say, “just.

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