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3 Powerful Ways Nature Can Help Heal the Body and Soul

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characterized by the academic community, is a multidimensional construct that defines relationships with community, self, the environment, and theological components.In this specific instance, spirituality is used to group the former three items (self, community, and environment).

ADVERTISEMENT Have you ever been awestruck by the sheer magnificence and magnitude of the world surrounding you? Have your surroundings ever stopped you in your tracks, and you just found yourself staring at how beautiful the world is?Nature can have that effect on people.

It would be impossible not to be mesmerized when you look around and see colorful flowers, towering trees, mountains so high you can’t even imagine, seas as clear as crystal, the list goes on and on.The wonder you feel when you take the time to internalize everything around you, instead of being glued to a screen 24/7, can make you feel connected to everything around you.

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